An adaptation Shuibo Welding (SPHG) develop strategic needs, vigorously implement the " talent thriving enterprise " strategy , adhere to the concept of man-made to enhance the quality of human resources capacity-building as the core, in order to optimize the structure of the main line personnel to train selection of high-level personnel as the key to innovation as a driving force personnel working mechanism to strengthen incentives for breakthrough talent , firmly grasp the culture , use, retain talent three links, gathering all kinds of talents to create an environment to play in human capital role for the company's continued development of a strong talent and intellectual support .

        Second, firmly establish the " people-oriented" concept of modern human resource management . Strengthen the " four flu" education, enhance the sense of responsibility , develop serious working attitude , overcoming impetuous attitude ; establish the concept taught everyone , eclectic talent election , get the right people to do the right thing with the right people, do the right thing ; let people choose performance , efficiency candidates, insisted " Shuibo Welding (SPHG) cause is the cause of all the staff ," General business formation up the atmosphere ; build a first-class team, first-class performance.

        Third, establish and improve the system to adapt to job analysis system , focus on employee career development and salary room for improvement, both technology and management , build -track career path . Management positions achieved through job promotion , achieved through technical job skills to enhance job to make all kinds of talents fully Shizhancaigan ; establish an appointment with complementary technology management personnel promotion system , the implementation of Titles Evaluation separate system , the implementation of technical positions and titles allowances, appointment chief engineer, engineer , technician jobs , the " chief worker " system. Let the right people doing the right thing , truly employees grow with the company .

        Fourth, focus on four ranks. First, build a dare management , management staff will manage ; second is to build a tough fight , fighting tough good marketing team ; third is to build a high level of technology , with a strong ability to innovate, to accelerate enterprise scientific and technological progress , enhance the core competitiveness of scientific and technical personnel ; fourth is to build a strong skill , dedication and high professional quality of the technical staff.

        Five , based on internal human resources development, introduction and development simultaneously , focusing on development ; formed to develop talent training mechanism in line with the characteristics of various types of personnel , the establishment of corporate staff training system, the results of training and continuing education as employment, office, according to one of the major professional qualifications and eligibility conditions , the flow of talent , the annual assessment , promotion and renewal of professional and technical positions and other matters.

        Sixth, the establishment of performance appraisal system, improve competition. Implementation of market-oriented approach before the election , the internal implementation of competition, external implementation of open recruitment efforts to form a priority talent performance evaluation mechanism to improve the evaluation criteria and tools for scientific and rational use of personnel to provide an objective basis. Jockey mechanism adopted , the implementation of competition , and elimination . Implementation of the management system of job rotation regularly through job rotation , to achieve internal communication and diffusion of knowledge, skills , experience and sense of team .

        Seven deepen the internal reform of the distribution system , the establishment of the remuneration system with market competitiveness. Adhere to the material and spiritual incentives combine to explore development of the company in favor of allocation mechanism , the implementation of distribution according to work by a combination of factors of production and distribution , improve the salary system , job performance pay system , to explore the short-term and long-term incentive pay and salary distribution of combination.

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